Exhibition 9

Exhibition No. 9:


Opening: September 17, 6 - 9 pm
Exhibition: September 18 - October 23, 2021

Exhibition Number 9 at STUDIO 4 BERLIN brings together three rugs by Italian designer Marco de Vincenzo in collaboration with cc-tapis from Milan and five new aluminum wall works by Spanish artist Pablo Alonso.

cc-tapis is an Italian company which produces contemporary hand-knotted rugs that are made in Nepal. Together with Marco De Vincenzo, cc-tapis decided to undertake the challenge of translating his iconic lurex fashion creations into Vicenzo’s latest rug collection. Lurex is a material which
is very rarely used in the rug making world. At the same time, it reveals how art, design and craftsmanship inspire each other: an exciting cross-over of supposedly clearly differentiated media. The result is a unique collection reflecting the identity and experimental spirits of both brands, embodying the style of fashion icon Marco De Vincenzo.

For Pablo Alonso, colour and support are inseparable. The support is made from an alloy, 99.5 per cent aluminium. It is an industrial material: flexible, malleable, metallic, non-corrosive, with high electric conductivity. Since the aluminium surface only has minimal irregularities, the structure of the paint
becomes more obvious than with paintings on canvas or wood. The aluminium does not absorb the fluid color and the metallic surface is visible and reflects light through the color layers. The work of Pablo Alonso explores the tension between modernist abstraction and traditional representation, tackling
historical genres and motifs in art through a contemporary sharp formal language.



Fotos: Roman März


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