Art of Scent | RYOKO for STUDIO 4 BERLIN
Art of Scent | RYOKO for STUDIO 4 BERLIN
Art of Scent | RYOKO for STUDIO 4 BERLIN
Art of Scent | RYOKO for STUDIO 4 BERLIN
Art of Scent | RYOKO for STUDIO 4 BERLIN

Art of Scent | RYOKO for STUDIO 4 BERLIN

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A trifecta of olfactory items designed by RYOKO for STUDIO 4 BERLIN and exclusively available in our online store.

ART OF SCENT comes with:


A fusion of freshness containing rosemary, which provides immediate relief from stress and mental exhaustion, and a soothing note of lavender to calm the nervous system and help you stay in harmony. The woody warmth of cedar adds strength and recharges your energy.
"Ryoko" creates their ambient scents (home fragrances) from all natural ingredients such as absolutes, essential oils and organic alcohol. It contains no synthetics.

Fresh, spicy and woody

Red Cedar | Rosemary | Lavender

Highly concentrated, one or two sprays are enough for a large room. 

100% Natural Ingredients
30 ml / 1 Fl oz
Hand-crafted in Germany



Full-Moon Balancing

Botanical Body Balm : Fullmoon Balancing

Herbaceous | Floral | Citrus

 Komenuka (rice bran) is one of the Japanese beauty rituals for centuries. Rich in vitamins E and B, this oil has an excellent anti-aging property due to its powerful antioxidants; it tightens and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Together with beewax which is a great hydrator, it can help protect and repair rough, dry or chapped skin, soothes itchiness and irritation.

A hand-blended with Vitamin E rich grape seed oil, this balm deeply hydrates and nourishes and protect the skin leaving it silky soft without being greasy.

100% Natural Ingredients
60 ml / 2 Fl oz
Hand-crafted in Germany



- One stick of palo santo

- Four 100% bee wax candles

[ Palo Santo ]

Traditionally treats colds and flu, Palo santo which means "holy wood" is also known to relieve headaches, asthma, anxiety, depression, and reduce inflammation and stress levels. 

 It’s said to clear negative thoughts and evil spirits, and to be considered a powerful supporter of emotional clarity.

Palo Santo belongs to the same botanical family as frankincense and myrrh, and is obtained only after the natural death of the tree which must lay on the ground for 3- 6 years before harvesting the wood. 

Origin: Peru

How to use: Light a palo santo stick with matches or over a candle, then blow the flame out.