Untitled (from the series LAZY BOMB) | MOSTAFA CHOOBTARASH

Untitled (from the series LAZY BOMB) | MOSTAFA CHOOBTARASH

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Mixed media on paper 
70 x 100 cm

“I don’t address complicated subjects in my art, but instead everyday things, an interesting conversation I had with a taxi driver, seeing someone angry on the street slamming a door and wondering what made them angry, the flood of news on the TV… Even when I am looking at history, I am more interested in using it inspire a critical relationship with the time I am living in.” (Mostafa Choobtarash)

“What were cavemen doing when they made their paintings on cave walls? They were visually expressing their fears, stresses, their adventures and conflicts. Their work has survived on those walls for countless years and we can we can still see their concerns with life in those paintings. My work critiques mass media and the social networks in which the truth and information becomes twisted and lost, but at its core, my work is old and traditional, not much different to those cave paintings." (Mostafa Choobtarash)

Mostafa Choobtarash was born in Dezful in 1983. He has exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, London; Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy; The Rubelle and Norman Schefler Gallery, Pratt Institute New York, USA; Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran; Katharina Maria Raab Gallery, Berlin. His works are in the collections of Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection and Fondation Behnam-Bakhtiar.

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