"Cooking Jacket" | ATELIER ROUGE PEKIN
"Cooking Jacket" | ATELIER ROUGE PEKIN
"Cooking Jacket" | ATELIER ROUGE PEKIN

"Cooking Jacket" | ATELIER ROUGE PEKIN

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Embroidered "Cooking Jacket" by Atelier Rouge Pekin

Fabric: 100 % Wool

Lining: 100% Cotton

Atelier Rouge Pékin (A R P) is a fashion brand launched in Beijing in 2013 inspired by China’s modern-day creativity and traditional craftsmanship.

A cross between fashion and design, A R P offers 100% made-in-Beijing ready-to-wear collections and jewelry, with products ranging from the minimally cut Mao jacket to traditional colorful peasant patterns. The A R P team constantly pushes the boundaries of these design inspiration, and has earned a reputation as one of China’s most innovative brands.

A R P’s jewelry collection combines premium and modern materials with traditional ones, using only noble metals such as gold and silver. A R P blends the subtlety of traditional Chinese design with the energy of contemporary culture, for women and men alike. Clean lines, androgynous silhouettes, trend-challenging designs, top-quality materials and high attention in details are the platform’s hallmarks and embody the very best of authentic avant-garde Chinese creation.

Please get in touch with us directly via info@studio4berlin.com for custom-fitted sizes. Please forward us your height, shoulder-with, arm-length and waist-circumference.