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Laurence Egloff

Untitled, 2022

Oil on Canvas / Öl auf Leinwand

30 x 40 cm 

Laurence Egloff's images do not just spring from her imagination. Instead, Egloff uses photographs or images from art history as models. Exhibition catalogs pile up in the artist's Berlin studio, she is usually more fascinated by the light and composition of the masterpieces depicted; the content recedes into the background. She uses muted, rather dark colors and, as a contrast, strong shades of red and blue: sometimes impressions of ghost portraits arises - you can see that there are people, but they seem to be in the process of dissolving. Outlines, bodies, heads or hats are recognizable, faces mostly not. The works seem to slightly have fallen out of time: no trace here of war, viruses, consumption and social media, no one is looking at a cell phone, and no one is stressed.

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