Standing on the Ruins II | YUMNA AL-ARASHI

Standing on the Ruins II | YUMNA AL-ARASHI

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Standing on the Ruins II, 2018
Archival C-Type Print
Edition of 3
16 x 20 cm

Yumna Al-Arashi challenges the ideas of eroticism as something far more than sexual – and on the contrary, as something inherent to womanhood. Female eroticism has been vilified in order to revoke women of their power as capitalism took over our modes of being. Sensuality and beauty in the female body are often linked to sexuality. This leads to women being objectified, detached from the person seen in the photograph. Al-Arashi’s works reflect a kaleidoscope of different expressions of the female: individual bodies juxtaposed with colourful props, women in wide landscapes, cloaked in fabrics that partly veil their figures, and intense black-and-white images of female groups in acrobatic interaction.

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