Xenia 7 | Klaus Haapaniemi

Xenia 7 | Klaus Haapaniemi

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Drypoint etching / Kaltnadelradierung
72 x 70 cm
Edition: 40


Klaus Haapaniemi (born in 1970) is currently one of Finland’s most internationally successful designers. His creations combine Japanese and Russian aesthetics, on the one hand, and the world of folk tales and anthropomorphic animal figures, on the other hand. At renowned Himmelblau Printmaking Studio in Tampere, Finland, Haapaniemi has been using gravure printing for the first time.

"These unique compositions spin together elements from his magical universe that comprises design, visual arts and luxurious fashion. Picture for a moment a pigeon hanging upside down from a sliced watermelon while a cricket is watching this memento mori on a white tablecloth from above, the whole installation somehow being held together by two fish? It’s a delight for the senses, it’s love for the surreal, it’s storytelling at its best – and most of all, it’s for all of us to enjoy." (Mika Minetti, Head of Culture of the Finnish Institute in Germany)

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