Exhibition 17: DIETER DETZNER | translucent

Exhibition 17
On view 2 - 24 June 2023

DIETER DETZNER | translucent

We are very pleased to present new works by Berlin-based artist DIETER DETZNER in our 17th exhibition at STUDIO 4 BERLIN. Detzner's sculptures made of transparent acrylic glass and polyurethane are exhibited alongside ancient Chinese art. An interdisciplinary dialogue between ephemerality and longevity is openend.

Dieter Detzner about ‘translucent’:
In this world of opacity, where our senses are consistently shrouded by obfuscation and ex- cessive noise, my exhibition, ‘translucent’ explores the profound grace inherent in transpar- ency and simplicity. Inspired by the minimalistic aesthetics of geometric solids, the works at- tempt to transcend conventional perceptions of space, light, and substance. Each piece, me- ticulously crafted from clear, transparent acrylic glass, serves as an embodiment of clarity, capturing the ephemeral light that dances across its polished surfaces.

While the works take on forms of simple geometric shapes, they become an explorative voyage into the realm of perception. The visual manifestation of each piece reveals a dialogical inter- play between the seen and the unseen, the tangible and the ethereal, the self and the other. Their transparent nature invites the viewer to look deeper, encouraging a heightened aware- ness of one's own perceptual process. It is in this state of conscious seeing that one truly experiences the transformative power of translucency.

The arrangement of the acrylic sculptures in front of folding screens of white transparent silk adds a further dimension to this exploration. The silk screens, in their fluidity and ethereal charm, contrast and harmonize with the solidity of the geometric forms. The silk, as it interacts with the play of light and shadow, brings an element of organic unpredictability to the geometric certainty of the acrylic pieces. Together, they evoke a sense of impermanence and continual flux - a reminder of the ever-changing nature of our perceptions and experiences.

Ultimately, ‘translucent’ is a tribute to simplicity, honesty, and the immense power of clarity - a meditation on the sublime aesthetics of transparency in a world filled with complexity.

The exploratory journey through the realm of perception along the transformative power of translucency described by Dieter Detzner enters an exciting dialogue of contrasts that com- municates across epochs. Textiles, figurines, and terracotta from China's Ming Dynasty and ceramics from the Song Dynasty stand diametrically opposed to the contemporary acrylic works at the opposite point of this journey. Ephemeral moments of clarity are juxtaposed with the permanence of centuries-old art objects.




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